SugarWonders Figure Making Class

I recently attended a class hosted by Sugar Wonders, the McKinney Cake Club. The class was taught by Sylvia Wilson and I loved her laid back “about this big” style of teaching. We made several different figures out of fondant and discovered a few basic fundamentals…all figures start out as a ball and/or a cone and all sizes can be compared to some kind of candy… “make his head about the size of a gumball”, “legs should be fatter than a tootsie roll”. By the end of the 5 hrs, we were all wanting to stop by the candy store for some treats.  Here are the figures I made in class…I like them all but I still think something is a little bit off about Miss Bear….oh well that just gives me a good excuse to practice making bears.

We started our day with the biggest figure which is the happy Mummy. His head and body are made out of store bought Rice Krispy Treats which were abused into taking specific shapes. He was then wrapped in black fondant, and again wrapped in strips of white fondant.

Fondant Mummy

Fondant Mummy and Pumpkin

Something about this guy just makes me think of Elmo. It’s probably that nose. We made the pumpkins later on. As you can see, my pumpkin is a grumpy pumpkin. How would you feel if someone took out all your insides and stuck a candle in you?

Then we made  different  animals.Yes Kitty is my favorite so her pic is slightly bigger but the painter penguin is running a close second. The smaller animals are all fondant. We made the bodies (fat cones) and then used toothpicks to stick on the heads (balls).  Each person’s figures were so different and had so much personality. It was great.

Fondant Cat

Fondant Cat

Fondant Bear

Chocolate Fondant Bear

Fondant Reindeer

Chocolate Fondant Reindeer

Fondant Penguin

French Penguin

My penguin was a happy accident. I was going to make him a winter hat but when I put the fondant on to measure the hat it looked like a beret and Frenchy the penguin was born.  The reindeer was fun because before you added in the 2 extra points on his antler he looked like a goofy longhorn. Being in Texas we all came up with a million uses for goofy longhorns….cupcake toppers, graduation cakes….the options are endless.  

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  1. These are all adorable! My favorite is the mummy.

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