Ice Cream Cone Cake


It’s fun to make an ice cream cake that doesn’t require a freezer. My friend Jessica found this adorable cake design on Pinterest. The original was done by Abigail’s Bake Shop. I tweaked the details just a little bit for Addie’s first birthday cake. It went great with the pink frilly decor of Addie’s birthday party.

The cake is 4inch round on top of an 8 inch round. Both are strawberry cake  frosted in buttercream with fondant accents.

Colors used for the accents:
Wilton Pink for the light pink
Wilton Rose for the hot pink
Wilton Lemon Yellow
Wilton Leaf Green – just a touch to get the light green color
Wilton Sky Blue

Tools used for this cake:
For the swirls I used the medium swirl cutter from the
Swirl and Heart Patchwork Cutters.
The letters and the number 1 were done with the
FMM Funky Alphabet & Numbers Set.
To create the number medallion, I used the two larger sizes from my
 Biscuit Cutters

Things I learned on this cake.
1)  I’ve been wanting to try this technique for a while.  For tiered cakes I normally use a support system called SPS (Single Plate System) by Bakery Craft. However, their smallest round plate is 6 inch. Since I needed a 4 inch circle, I decided to try Bubble Tea Straws for support.

Many cake decorators rely solely on bubble tea straws even for larger cakes so I thought I’d give it   a go with a lighter weight cake.  I was very impressed with the bubble tea straws. They were easy to cut and supported the 4 inch top tier well. I will continue using SPS for my larger tiers because I prefer not having to cut supports and SPS has always served me well. But I’m glad to know I have a good alternative for smaller tiers.

2) It’s the little things that matter. I took pics of the cake before delivery and I had not added on the pink “cherries” yet. Looking at the pics side by side, you can see what a big difference that little extra touch really makes.


 3) This tip I learned from Royal Bakery’s FB page. I made the swirls and the medallion in advance. When it came time to place the medallion on the cake, it had dried so that it would not lay flush on the top tier. It would have been “OK” to have it on the cake flat and not flush, but that wasn’t what I wanted. Someone had posted on Royal Bakery’s page that if you have a fondant piece that has dried, you can place it in a tupperware container with a piece of bread and it would soften up.  I left the medallion with a single piece of bread in a sealed container until the morning. Over night was too long  for a piece so thin. In the morning it was way too soft so I had to let it firm up a bit before I could use it . Next time I would only need to leave it for a couple of hours.  Either way, it’s definitely my new favorite trick.

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