Even the Liner Matters
When you set out to make the perfect cupcake, even the liner makes a difference. There are different sizes, types, colors and designs. Sadly you don’t know the quality of the liner until you try it. The most disappointing part is that the majority of those really cute pattern lines are actually really cheap crappy liners.  When you bake in a patterned liner that is not greaseproof,  the pattern basically disappears due to the moisture in the cupcake and those super cute liners you were so excited about, look sad and pathetic when you take them out of the oven. The worst part is a lot of these liners also pull away from the cupcake after they cool which is really frustrating.

Here are some examples of white and chocolate cupcakes baked in plain white liners.

Champage Cupcake
Non greaseproof liner
Cupcake Genius Cupcakes

Non greaseproof white liner

grease proof cupcake liners

Traditional Grease Proof Liners

Even greaseproof liners are not created equal. Many greaseproof liners are OK with white cupcakes but lose their pattern when you bake chocolate cupcakes. In general, solid colors hold up better than light or intricate patterns. You can see in the blue liners the traditional ones are “ok” with a white cake. The more color in the pattern the more successful the liner is but these same liners with chocolate cupcakes quickly lose their “cute”. One baker at Sweets and Treats Boutique has decided to take it on herself to create her own greaseproof liners that truly hold their pattern upon baking…even with chocolate cupcakes. When she offered fellow bakers the opportunity to “test” out her new liners, I jumped at the chance.

Sweet and Treat Premium liner on the left - "traditional" greaseproof liner on the right

To the right  is the compare and contrast of this wonderful new line of cupcake liners against a traditional greaseproof liner.

As you can see even with a chocolate cupcake, the Sweet Treat liner maintains its white color and zebra pattern while the traditional greaseproof liner allows the chocolate to show through and ruin the pattern.
Sweets and Treats Boutique sells her custom Premium liners in Zebra and Checkerboard. Word on the street is she is working on some new patterns in her premium line as well. I can’t wait!
In the mean time, she sells her premium liners as well as many great patterns in traditional greaseproof liners at her online boutique. My new favorite item at the boutique is the awesome Party Straws! Perfect for a fun color coordinated Dessert Table. I hope you get a chance to check out all her fun stuff.

Sweets and Treats Party Straws

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  1. Good post Cristy – I am not a master baker but I have been disappointed in cupcake liners having the problems you mention. Funny, I don’t remember this being a problem though when I was little and my mom made us cupcakes…I guess I probably just didn’t notice the liners then like I do now.

    • I don’t remember this being an issue when we were younger either. I don’t know if now that cupcakes are all the rage they’re trying to make lower cost cute liners but they’re a total waste of money…they peel and never keep their color. It’s worth a few extra cents per liner if you want to keep the colors true.

  2. Thanks for sharing the link to her website. She does have very cute cupcake liners!

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